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LastAPP Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q.  How can I benefit from using LastAPP?
    A. LastApp is designed to reduce the administrative burden of managed care. Providers send out multiple applications a year to insurance and / or credentialing companies. LastApp centralizes the data entered on our online application form to create a unique system that allows you to pre-populate any application using this data. This eliminates time and money that would have been wasted on your staff to recreate similar applications. 

  2. Q. What are the system requirements for running LastApp?
    A. You need Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to work with the Internet interface. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view your applications. To download a free version go to  

  3. Q. Is my information secure? 
    A. Yes, in addition to SSL Protocol, your information is also secured by RC-4. RC-4 is a file encryption product that enhances SSL Protocols security when communicating through the Internet. Click here to learn more.
  4. Q. Is my information confidential?  
    A. Access to your information is limited to qualified employees who provide a product or service to you. LastApp does not rent, sell or distribute any personal information to nonaffiliated companies.

  5. Q. How many applications can I create?  
    A. You can create as many as you want. There are no limits.

  6. Q. Is LastApp compliant with any standards of credentialing?
    A. Since you are using the same application that is submitted by the credentialing company, your application from LastApp will match the requirements of the company you are credentialing with.

  7. Q. How do I receive my applications? 
    A. You can print a hardcopy of your application straight from LastApp or from a downloaded copy of your application to your computer. Each application is created in PDF format. To view your application you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

  8. Q. Can I make changes to the information on an application that I have already downloaded? 
    Absolutely, the PDF format will allow you to change any text that is populated on the application. Even after you have downloaded a copy to your computer.

  9. Q. How often can I make changes to my data?  
    LastApp is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week. You can make changes at any time of the day except during times when maintenance is performed.

  10. Q. Can I review my information that is stored in LastAPP?  
    A. Yes, a printable version of all your data can be downloaded at your convenience. 

  11. Q. What do I do if the desired application is not listed in LastAPP? 
    Not to worry! Call or send us a copy of the application that you need and one of our Service Representatives will be happy to locate and/or post this application on to LastAPP.

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