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Welcome Practitioner / Office Administrator

You are busy and we understand that. Whether it is keeping up with patients, managing your practice, or spending time with your family; redundant requests for copies of your professional credentials by insurance companies, hospitals, and credentialing services take valuable time away from more important and pressing priorities in your life.

Eliminate manual credentialing processes FOREVER!

Healthcare practitioners and office administrators all over the country are learning how LastAPP can free them to be more cost efficient and deliver a better level of service to their patients.

LastAPP provides a centralized electronic practitioner data to quickly, easily and inexpensively create multiple provider applications in just a few minutes. There are no hassles with subscription fees or software to install and update. Pay only $2.95 for each application you create!

Industry studies show that practitioners send out between 5 and 10 healthcare applications or credentialing forms each year. For an office with multiple practitioners, this task can overwhelm you and your office staff with massive amounts of paperwork.

Let LastAPP do the work for you!

LastAPP will notify you by email 10 days before any of your professional credentials are about to expire. If any items is expired when you log onto LastAPP, an online tutor will guide you through the update process.


Fixed fee per application of $2.95; Store your data on LastAPP at no extra charge; No Registration Fee and No Membership Fee. No charge applied to VerifPoint / CreDENTALs provider forms.


For a LastAPP Representative call us toll free at (888) 273-3368.

Email us your question or comment at melissa@verifpoint.com

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